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Your Guide When Considering Land Surveying Equipment

When it is different civilizations that you will be taking a look at like Mesopotamia, Egypt and Rome that they are using different tools in order to keep the borders that they have from each other. When it is the era of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance came in that it is these tools also that has been lost. But you still have to remember that it is also this time that surveying and measuring lands are still being done. When taking a look at this time that there are also different tool that has been used. The tools that you will see today though are quite similar to the tools that have been used t map and survey the different land in the US. Over the past years that it is you that will be able to see drastic changes when it comes to technology. And that is why the measuring tool that man has been using has also been subjected to these changes.

It is with the help of measuring tools like the surveyor’s compass and theodolite that it has helped and really improved the measuring capability of individuals. When you will take a look at the surveyor’s compass, or circumferentor that it is the one that is consisted if a brass circle and an index with a compass on the circle. When taking a look at this tool that it is the one that used in order to measure horizontal angles and vertical angles . When you will take a look at a theodolite that it is the one that sued it measures both horizontal and vertical angles. But with the bulk that this equipment have that it is the prior that is still being used by many people.

Wiht the more sophisticated version that theodolite has that it is still the instrument that has been used even in the early 90’s. It is with this one that it has also improve the accuracy of measurement. It is this type of instrument though that is being paired now with the electronic distance measurement device or EDM. When taking a look at these devices that they are also being referred to as a total station. It is this one now that uses electronic and software system. A mechanical to an electronic device is what this instrument has turned into.

It is also the Global Positioning Systems or GPS that has entered into the surveying scene. It is this one that has helped in increasing the speeds of the surveyor. When taking a look at a GPS that it is the one that is horizontally accurate to 20mm and vertically accurate to about 30mm. When the area is heavily wooded that it the GPS that will have a hard time functioning. When this happens that it is still the surveyors that will rely on their total station.

The Key Elements of Great Geographic

The Key Elements of Great Geographic